Mar 13, 2011

Zenji Kato

Occupation: Supply

What do you do?

- I currently work at Supply in Darling Hurst. I also study fashion design at Ultimo TAFE.

What does being fashionable means to you?

- I think everyone has their own eye for fashion. I think fashion is coming from self-expression, and it reflects lot on persons. For me, it is also a self-reprensentation of who you really are. It is just an another way of expressing visually.

Do you see any connection or relation amongst Fashion, Design and Environment?

- Definitely. I think from working in retail, seeing the amount of rubbish that comes with a package of garment or shoes is bit to excessive in terms of not being able to recycle. In terms of clothing, using fabrics which are more natural or if not reinventing, being more natural is the way to go oppose to man made. I think using fabrics like that is quite amazing thing as well, so hopefully we can push for more garments or fabrics like that.





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