Sep 15, 2011

Daily Mori

Today I had a little discussion about the purpose and significance of blog existence at my workplace...

It is truly just a tool.

The purpose of my blog is an attempt to shift people's lifestyle into more of an environmentally friendly, healthy and a stylish one.

It is difficult to change everyones lifestyle, but it will make me happy if I could help ones who are willing to change.

That is why I write about my lifestyle as well as others (street snap), and post up images that could possibly evoke certain sparks and help stimulate awareness and significance of nature.

Writing this blog will surely cultivate my lifestyle as well.

I know that I am not the best writer compared to others out there, but I want to make an attempt to aim for the better future I believe.

Here comes today's daily Mori.

ohta is one of my favorite brands that uses a color; green so well.

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