Apr 18, 2012


I visited the Genga Exhibition by Otomo Katsuhiro. The man who wrote the famous "Akira" back in 1982-1990.

My favourite work of his is "Metropolis".

It was first time visiting the ota-ku central, Akihabara, where the exhibition was held.

Otomo's work had changed the potential of japanese anime culture.

He was the first japanese manga-writer who made a success overseas.

I was amazed by seeing his technique of drawing so much details expressing reality.

It was well worth visiting.


perseus said...

that exhibition looks amazing- i want kanedas jacket- ikitee-

mori said...

this exhibition's profit goes to fukushima where the earthquake hit last year.
To wear this jacket, you have to pay minimum 500 yen! but it well worth paying for. really cool jacket