Apr 18, 2012


I came back to where I was born, Japan, beginning of this month.

Two weeks have passed and I am already tired of stressful lifestyle that most of Japanese people got without dissent. 

In sydney, I was super duper living in freedom.

I made a change in my life, big change, sydney to tokyo.

I knew this would happen.

Hope things get better soon, and I know it is all matter of finding a exciting job that I can find people that are alike and interesting.

At the same time, I am always keen for and thinking about finding an alternative.

Different way of working, in Japan,,, or anywhere.

I must apologize to anyone who is reading this, if there are any, because I'm quickly losing my English.

Its as quick as a monkey finishes a banana.

So I guess I should start writing again to fight a monkey.

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