Apr 23, 2012

Sonar Tokyo

行ってきました、Sonar Sound Tokyo Day 2。




Rustie → Daisuke Tanabe → Mount Kimbie → Teebs → Hudson Mohwake → The Cinematic Orchestra

自分の中で一番やばいセットだったのは、Daisuke Tanabeでした。


曲は好きだったんですが、あまり好きじゃなかったのはRustieとHudson Mohwake。

Mount Kimbieは初来日だったんですが、いきなりCarbonatedがかかった時はやばすと思いましたね。

Overall, I personally loved Daisuke Tanabe's set.

Also, I had so much expectation for Teebs from Brainfeeder, and he didn't disappoint me at all. Really Impressive.

Mounr Kimbie - Carbonated really shook my nerve. It reminded me of the first time listened to this song, it was the bomb!

Thanks to Dom who made me hear Mount Kimbie for the first time at AA.

From his first album. Teebs - You've Changed.  Bomb

Daisuke Tanabe. His music has so many different layers and it all comes together as a concept. Its beautiful music.

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